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An Autumn Mixtape


Pho­to: Ilya Kovalchuk


As we are approach­ing October—the holy month of Hal­loween in the most beau­ti­ful sea­son of the year—we have com­piled a list of songs which give us that autumn feel­ing of crisp, smokey air, warm­ly lit liv­ing rooms shel­tered from the Octo­ber rain, and an entire world turned into poetry. 

City and Colour—Forgive Me

 And my heart will stray before too long â€Š 

A Fine Frenzy—Ashes and Wine

Is there a chance you might change your mind 
 or are we ash­es and wine?

James Blake, Bon Iver—I Need A For­est Fire

To burn it like cedar, I request anoth­er dream 
 I need a for­est fire

Noth­ing But Thieves—Particles 

And if I need to rearrange my par­ti­cles 
 I will for you 

La Dispute—Such Small Hands

And I think you ought to stay away from here / There are ghosts in the walls / And they crawl in your head through your ear

Death Cab for Cutie—Transatlanticism 

The rhythm of my foot­steps cross­ing flat­lands to your door 
 have been silenced forever­more / And the dis­tance is quite sim­ply much too far for me to row / It seems far­ther than ever before

Explo­sions in the Sky—Catastrophe and the Cure 


The Fray—Happiness 

Hap­pi­ness, feels a lot like sorrow

Lorde—Swinging Par­ty 

Bring your own lamp­shade, some­where there’s a party

noth­ing, nowhere.—Nevermore

I’m the light in your shed / Shin­ing thru your bed­room win­dow / Keep­ing you awake

Iron & Wine—Flightless Bird, Amer­i­can Mouth

Then when the cops closed the fair, I cut my long baby hair / Stole me a dog eared map and called for you everywhere

Angels and Airwaves—Artillery

Engage the tidal waves / You nev­er even knew my name / Artillery / Their words are like a death tonight / They’ll serve you well

Bon Iver—Holocene

And at once, I knew I was not magnificent â€Š 

Tay­lor Swift—Cardigan

I knew you, your heart­beat on the High Line, once in 20 life­times, I 
 ‘Cause I knew you, step­ping on the last train / marked me like a blood­stain, I 
 I knew I’d curse you for the longest time, chas­ing shad­ows in the gro­cery line â€Š 

City & Colour—Northern Wind 

You’re the north­ern wind, send­ing shiv­ers down my spine â€Š 

The All-Amer­i­can Rejects—There’s a Place
There’s a place, some­where that’s between dream and awake / that’s where we’ll find each other


Mer­cy Fer­rars is a MA grad­u­ate in phi­los­o­phy and writes fic­tion, poet­ry and non-fic­tion essays. She is mad­ly in love with Scot­land, dogs and Bojack Horseman.