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We aspire to be a space for the unheard, the oppressed and the observers. Together we impact culture.

We publish on the whole spectrum of what it means to be a fully fleshed out human being. Our essays, research, vulnerability and stories discuss queerness, feminism, anti-racism, disability and mental health as well as art, literature, film and media, featuring an exclusive digital exhibition. We make ourselves heard like thunder in a world overrun by battle, and we always seek to amplify the voices of others.

Ways to participate @Ferrars & Fields are plenty.

You can choose between becoming a core member of our team if you fancy publishing your work on a regular basis.

As a guest, whether you wish to publish when an idea comes to you, or for one of our four annual specials (Black History Month in February—in preparation and fully starting 2023—, Women’s/FLINTA* History Month in March, Pride Month in June and our topic special each year in October)—is up to you. We welcome your ideas and your stories always.

We are looking for both authors and editors. Whether you like writing or editing texts more, shoot your shot and send us an e‑mail. You will receive our onboarding guide and further information. If you’re applying as a writer, please have one or a few topics ready.

If you’re trained/in training in social media marketing or programming and keen on working with us to further improve our reach and our website, don’t hesitate to reach out to us, we basically miss you already.

Got more questions? Send us an e‑mail or contact us on Instagram. / @ferrarsfieldsmag

Our stories are unique—a note on style

At Ferrars & Fields, we value a critical approach to the issues we address, the fundamental principles of academic research in the arts, vulnerability and versatility. We expect submissions to be in a distinct own voice, with a dedication to the truth—or one of the truths we stand for. It goes without saying that our requirement for a pitch is an understanding of humanity as a complex whole, entangled in a complex web of struggles. Most of all things, our magazine is ought to be a safe space for women, non-male genders, readers of colour, queer readers, and our staff themselves. 

Hand in your pitch with a general idea of the topic and a working headline to Please include writing references showcasing your journalistic savvy. 

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