“We deconstructed some of our illusions” – Exploring love around the world

In ear­ly 2019, Davor Ros­tuhar and his new­ly wed wife Andela embark on a jour­ney that leads them through five con­ti­nents, more than 30 coun­tries, and ulti­mate­ly, back to them­selves. The rea­son behind this spe­cial trip is the begin­ning of their rela­tion­ship: After propos­ing to Andela in Antarc­ti­ca, just before solo hik­ing to the South Pole as the first Croa­t­ian, Davor had visu­al­ized his new project – a year of trav­el­ing around the world, look­ing for all the facets of (roman­tic) love in people.

Und endlich gibt es eine Formel fürs Verlieben

„Wofür bist du am dankbarsten?“, „Wärst du gerne berühmt?“, „Wann hast du das let­zte Mal geweint?“ – diese Fra­gen sollen unter anderem dafür sor­gen, dass völ­lig Fremde sich ineinan­der ver­lieben kön­nen. Unsere Autorin hat dies pro­biert, lei­der erfol­g­los. Warum an dem Exper­i­ment trotz­dem etwas dran ist.