The Eternal Program

“The puz­zle is that the world can now be any­thing you want, hand­craft­ed to match your favourite aes­thet­ic. Tai­lored to the sto­ry you’ve been telling your­self since the old world began to die. And you’re like the oth­er lone play­ers, lost in a world of pix­els and dig­its. Abun­dant in dig­i­tal dreams. With the rul­ing pow­er of a god in your hands, you now find your­self over­bur­dened to the point of paral­y­sis.” In “The Eter­nal Pro­gram”, our author tells the sto­ry of sim­u­lat­ed worlds, dig­i­tal love and the very real threat of a cli­mate war. Dem­nächst auch auf Deutsch verfügbar! 

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