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The Genesis of The Acting White Epithet

Bru­tal and vio­lent cul­tur­al myths like the ‘act­ing white’ epi­thet with­stand the progress of time like ivory on the brick walls of most Cau­casian main­stream societies. 

The World Must End: Affect Theory and Diaspora

After years of fem­i­nist the­o­ry in which I reap­praised the ways in which fem­i­nin­i­ty and women’s bod­ies were made and bro­ken by exter­nal forces, scat­tered into a thou­sand-piece puz­zle and inad­e­quate­ly glued back togeth­er, I found inter­est in a sim­i­lar issue with regard to the African-Amer­i­can dias­po­ra. Even­tu­al­ly, in alleviating …

Vincent van Gogh: La Tristesse Durera Toujours

“What am I in the eyes of most peo­ple — a nonen­ti­ty, an eccen­tric or an unpleas­ant per­son — some­body who has no posi­tion in soci­ety and nev­er will have, in short, the low­est of the low. All right, then — even if that were absolute­ly true, then I should …

Imagining the (queer) Witch

“Queer­ing the Witch opens up the def­i­n­i­tion of who is con­sid­ered a witch. His­tor­i­cal­ly speak­ing, the major­i­ty of accused and con­vict­ed witch­es are iden­ti­fied as women; but why not expand the def­i­n­i­tion to include oth­er com­mu­ni­ties that face dis­crim­i­na­tion because they con­tra­dict the so-called norm?” 

Not a ‘Lady Doctor’, just the Doctor: Narrating Gender in Doctor Who

“We are bil­lions of years beyond your pet­ty human obses­sion with gen­der and its asso­ci­at­ed stereo­types,” claims the Twelfth Doc­tor (Peter Capal­di) in “World Enough and Time” (2017), but how con­vinc­ing­ly does the series’ nar­ra­tive of agen­der Time Lords hold up?

The Eternal Program

“The puz­zle is that the world can now be any­thing you want, hand­craft­ed to match your favourite aes­thet­ic. Tai­lored to the sto­ry you’ve been telling your­self since the old world began to die. And you’re like the oth­er lone play­ers, lost in a world of pix­els and dig­its. Abun­dant in …

Future Nostalgia

Die Zukun­ft ist Gemein­schaft! Wo Men­schen zusam­menkom­men, um füreinan­der zu sor­gen, holen sie sich die Macht zurück, die sie zuvor dem Staat über­lassen haben. Wird es uns gelin­gen, den Indi­vid­u­al­is­mus zu über­winden? Unsere Autorin schreibt: “Anstelle ein­er radikalen Über­hol­ung der beste­hen­den Sys­teme stellen wir langsam Pro­gramme, Ide­olo­gien, Lebensstile und Verhaltensweisen …

One foUr

Fühlst du dich manch­mal in Fra­gen über das Mor­gen ver­loren, darüber was es brin­gen wird? Über das, was hätte sein kön­nen, und das, was es tat­säch­lich war? Über die ver­lorene Zeit und all die Momente, die zu dieser Gegen­wart der Leere geführt haben? 

The Black Parade is Dead!: 2022 is the year pop punk returns

When We Were Young con­firms that teenage angst is offi­cial­ly back in our thir­ty-some­thing mil­len­ni­al lives. A pop punk reawak­en­ing is upon us. Let’s look into it and talk pan­dem­ic angst, Gen Z and pop punk’s issue with racism. 

“We deconstructed some of our illusions” – Exploring love around the world

In ear­ly 2019, Davor Ros­tuhar and his new­ly wed wife Andela embark on a jour­ney that leads them through five con­ti­nents, more than 30 coun­tries, and ulti­mate­ly, back to them­selves. The rea­son behind this spe­cial trip is the begin­ning of their rela­tion­ship: After propos­ing to Andela in Antarc­ti­ca, just before …


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