An Autumn Mixtape

As we are approach­ing October—the holy month of Hal­loween in the most beau­ti­ful sea­son of the year—we have com­piled a list of songs which give us that autumn feel­ing of crisp, smokey air, warm­ly lit liv­ing rooms shel­tered from the Octo­ber rain, and an entire world turned into poetry.

19. Sep­tem­ber 2022
Television mockup

“The threats of vio­lence online repli­cat­ed the very real vio­lence Black peo­ple reg­u­lar­ly expe­ri­enced offline at the hands of non-Black peo­ple all over the world. Black queer and trans peo­ple, par­tic­u­lar­ly those who iden­ti­fied as woman or femme, made easy tar­gets on Tum­blr due to always being easy and con­stant tar­gets offline. And there were oth­er forms of misogynoir…”

1. Juli 2022
Warum eigentlich Pride? — Von der tödlichsten aller Todsünden

“Wenn wir als queere Men­schen ohne­hin schon von der Kirche und einem erhe­blichen Teil der Gesellschaft als Sünder*innen betra­chtet wer­den, kön­nen wir genau­so gut das Nar­ra­tiv übernehmen und in ein­er selb­ster­mächti­gen­den Weise umgestal­ten. Wir wis­sen schließlich wie befreiend es ist, sich über die erlernte Scham zu erheben und zu sündi­gen. Warum uns dann nicht gle­ich der tödlich­sten aller Tod­sün­den hingeben und im Stillen sowie in aller Öffentlichkeit unsere…

28. Juni 2022
The World Must End: Affect Theory and Diaspora

After years of fem­i­nist the­o­ry in which I reap­praised the ways in which fem­i­nin­i­ty and women’s bod­ies were made and bro­ken by exter­nal forces, scat­tered into a thou­sand-piece puz­zle and inad­e­quate­ly glued back togeth­er, I found inter­est in a sim­i­lar issue with regard to the African-Amer­i­can dias­po­ra. Even­tu­al­ly, in alle­vi­at­ing clar­i­ty, there is a desire for the world to end, to fash­ion it anew—and irre­spec­tive of how it…

22. Mai 2022
More Feuil­leton

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