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“Hold me in a dim-lit world”: How Dayseeker’s DARK SUN (2022) became my refuge from grief

By the time Novem­ber unfold­ed, with the bleak winds of my own recent heart­break echo­ing through the dig­i­tal void in the form of emo tweets, one soli­tary track from Dayseeker’s 2022 record, DARK SUN, had become the first song to be played each day on the way to work and every­where else. “Cry­ing While You’re Danc­ing,” on repeat, grad­u­al­ly solid­i­fied Day­seek­er as my top-lis­tened artist of the past…

6. Novem­ber 2023
“This Loneliness Won’t Be the Death of Me”: 10 Being as an Ocean Songs for Our Achy Hearts

“This Lone­li­ness Won’t Be the Death of Me,” a song on Being as an Ocean’s record Dear G‑d, finds me unpre­pared on the bus one night, as I dri­ve through the dark­ness of this city to get ice cream, cov­er­ing up the fact that I feel utter­ly alone and don’t know what to do with myself at home. It’s a feel­ing I’ve grown all too famil­iar with—the pervasive…

27. Sep­tem­ber 2023
<em>The Stuff of Life to Knit Me</em>

Allen Gins­berg once said of Neal Cas­sady that he was the art. It is my opin­ion that Allen Gins­berg did not quite under­stand what art is.

6. Sep­tem­ber 2023
<em>the sea you had become</em>

See, there’s this thing about you—you were like this tiny droplet on a day of with­er­ing heat. When the days became indis­tin­guish­able from one anoth­er, filled with the absence of love, scorch­ing sum­mer suns blazed over my life like they had a per­son­al vendet­ta against the ground beneath my feet. In the heat, just a sin­gle drop of water, fleet­ing and brief, felt like the down­pour of the…

26. August 2023
Naked woman illustration, vintage vintage artwork

Het­ero­sex­ueller Geschlechtsverkehr als zwan­glose und bei­d­seit­ig lustvolle Beschäf­ti­gung? Wün­schenswert, doch herrscht in der Real­ität für viele Frauen das Gegen­teil: Sex­uelle Mis­sach­tung und Machtspielchen.

17. August 2023
Doom Patrol -- Ep. 101 -- "Pilot" -- Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney / 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment inc.  All Rights Reserved.

„Ich wage einen Blick zum Wand­kalen­der, wo die Dead­line mein­er Hausar­beit rot markiert ist. Während mein Hirn raucht und der Com­put­er über­hitzt, ver­dampfen die Tage wie flüs­siger Stickstoff.“

22. April 2023
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