A M N E S I A VII—IX

    “There is an uneasy silence in the pod rac­ing toward sec­tor 22. Onyx and I sit silent­ly next to each oth­er while the south­ern and east­ern periph­eries rush past us. Every now and then I notice his eyes on me. Sud­den­ly, I am a glass house and he can see right through me, into the hol­lows and the attic of my pres­ence, reach­ing beyond my map of myself.…

    26. Novem­ber 2022
    A M N E S I A IV—VI

    I see flash­es of her face in front of me, big, daz­ing green eyes and skin cov­ered in debris of pain. “I see only dark­ness, dis­placed in me instead of the night.” She’s my God. She knows of our begin­nings and our aber­ra­tion. She killed her­self so I could live. I might as well try.

    30. Okto­ber 2022
    Zusammengelegte Kleidung

    “Diese Zeit­en machen mir Angst. Weil sie unerr­e­ich­bar scheinen. Weil meine Zeit­en in alle Rich­tun­gen zer­fließen. Ich ver­suche mich wieder einzuord­nen ins Sys­tem. Ins Leben.”

    21. Okto­ber 2022
    The Entropic Lighter

    “Now, the fire can come back at any time, and it will not be as trau­ma­tiz­ing as it was before; flames will be noth­ing but old lovers wel­comed back into a house haunt­ed by their absence. His ther­a­pist her­self said it: mean­ing can be found in chaos. It is, after all, nicer to see the glass half-emp­ty than to admit that there is no glass anymore.”

    16. Okto­ber 2022
    A M N E S I A I—III

    I had spent my life won­der­ing whether bro­ken love could be mend­ed when I saw my par­ents drift apart, from secret dances in the moon­lit kitchen to becom­ing strangers, vio­lent­ly and abrupt­ly fight­ing for divorce. Like a glued-up vase. I refused to see it then, but a frac­tured vase still expos­es its porce­lain fragili­ty even after it has been reassem­bled. Even with the finest glue and the hands…

    12. Okto­ber 2022

    “Part of me knew it was impos­si­ble to come close. Just this one time I wish I did­n’t need the fire because the sky is dark around me already.”

    9. Okto­ber 2022
    The Eternal Program

    In “The Eter­nal Pro­gram”, our author tells the sto­ry of sim­u­lat­ed worlds, dig­i­tal love and the very real threat of a cli­mate war.

    31. Okto­ber 2021
    Wer Wenn Nicht Wir

    Schon heute ver­mark­ten wir uns um anzukom­men. Wir hal­ten unsere hard facts bere­it, um jed­erzeit das beste Bild von uns zu zeich­nen. Das schön­ste Leben, das ger­ade noch so unter “Wahrheit” durchge­ht. In diesem Sinne besucht der zukun­ftsweisende Pro­tag­o­nist unseres Gas­tau­tors eine beson­dere Agen­tur, die nicht nur Lebensläufe aufpoliert.

    25. Okto­ber 2021
    One foUr

    Fühlst du dich manch­mal in Fra­gen über das Mor­gen ver­loren, darüber was es brin­gen wird? Über das, was hätte sein kön­nen, und das, was es tat­säch­lich war? Über die ver­lorene Zeit und all die Momente, die zu dieser Gegen­wart der Leere geführt haben?

    13. Okto­ber 2021
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