2008 entwirft Bri­an Kel­ly sein erstes Tat­too Flash-Set und bringt immer neue Ideen zu Papi­er bis schließlich ein Buch mit den Zeich­nun­gen der let­zten Jahre entste­ht: The Cut-Ups: Tat­too Flash from the Third Mind (2022, Schif­fer Pub­lish­ing). In The Cut-Ups bietet Bri­an Ein­blicke in die schöpferischen Tech­niken, die sein­er Kun­st zu Grunde liegen, faszinierend nicht zulet­zt, weil sich sein Kun­sthandw­erk unter anderem der Lit­er­atur bedient.

    30. Novem­ber 2022
    Die (Un-)Ordnung der Bilder

    Wir sehen, was wir sehen sollen. Seit­dem das Orig­i­nal eines Kunst­werks beliebig repro­duzier­bar ist, wis­sen wir nicht mehr, was wir sehen. Manch­mal sehen wir eine Frau. Und meis­tens sehen wir eine Frau, die gese­hen wird. Und das ist nicht dasselbe.

    19. Okto­ber 2022

    “Part of me knew it was impos­si­ble to come close. Just this one time I wish I did­n’t need the fire because the sky is dark around me already.”

    9. Okto­ber 2022
    Vincent van Gogh: La Tristesse Durera Toujours

    “What am I in the eyes of most people—a nonen­ti­ty, an eccen­tric or an unpleas­ant person—somebody who has no posi­tion in soci­ety and nev­er will have, in short, the low­est of the low. All right, then—even if that were absolute­ly true, then I should one day like to show by my work what such an eccen­tric, such a nobody, has in his heart.”

    13. Sep­tem­ber 2022
    “You will never touch me again.”

    “I need­ed to affirm for myself that my abuser no longer has any con­trol over me. The wounds have to drain out before they can heal. I need­ed to real­ly feel what hap­pened to me. That’s why I got inspired and picked up my art sup­plies again.”

    10. Juni 2022
    “We deconstructed some of our illusions” – Exploring love around the world

    In ear­ly 2019, Davor Ros­tuhar and his new­ly wed wife Andela embark on a jour­ney that leads them through five con­ti­nents, more than 30 coun­tries, and ulti­mate­ly, back to them­selves. The rea­son behind this spe­cial trip is the begin­ning of their rela­tion­ship: After propos­ing to Andela in Antarc­ti­ca, just before solo hik­ing to the South Pole as the first Croa­t­ian, Davor had visu­al­ized his new project – a…

    16. Feb­ru­ar 2022
    More Art

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