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Created in 2019 by Mercy Ferrars, who has an academic background in English philology and philosophy, and Adrien Fields, who has an academic background in cultural science and history, we had a vision to impact culture by sharing our voices. At FFMag, international voices have since spoken up on the struggle(s) in the system while also curating the beauty of the arts.

Ferrars & Fields is a queer-feminist online magazine founded in 2019. We have made it our mission not only to subject art and culture to critical scrutiny, but also to have a direct positive influence by publishing high quality texts by a range of authors. Whether from a journalistic, essayistic or literary perspective, we address topics such as queerness, feminism, anti-racism, disability and mental health, as well as their representation in art, literature, film and music, featuring an exclusive digital exhibition.

We make ourselves heard like thunder in a world overrun by battle, and we always seek to amplify the voices of others.

In late 2020, our co-founder Adrien left Ferrars & Fields and the magazine became a MFPublishing project fronted by Mercy. From starting as a two-person-blog to turning into a ten+-person editorial team, a vast expansion in topics, formats and voices and surviving two years of a global pandemic, Ferrars & Fields has gone through changes, self-discoveries and rich journalistic experience alongside its creators, writers and editors. Ferrars & Fields has grown from an idea to a shared labour of love.

If you would like to e‑mail us with feedback, ideas, wishes, criticism or if you would like to join us, just send us a mail to kontakt@ferrarsundfields.de.



Founder and Publisher
Content Direction
Art Direction
UX/UI Design
Mercy Ferrars

Staff Writers
Mercy Ferrars, Mona Schlachtenrodt, Lara Shaker, Clara Berlich, Héloise Markert, Lisa Damm, Luke Shiller

Guest Writers
Carina Spiegelstaub, Iris Antonia Kogler, Jol Rosenberg, Malvón, Yvonne Tunnat, Nora Großmann, Martin König, Imke Felicitas Gerhardt, Hugo Scheubel, Jules van der Linden, Nika Pavot, Zeke Greenwald, Silvia Russo, Noelle Jaene, Izabela Zarebska

Reader in Chief
Lara Helena

Staff Readers
Jan Kabasci, Luke Shiller, Michelle Markau

Martha-Luise Ockert

Social Media
Mercy Ferrars, Martha-Luise Ockert

Staff Meeting Coordinator
Crowdfunding Campaign
Lara Helena, Mercy Ferrars, Luke Shiller, Jan Kabasci, Martha-Luise Ockert

Past Contributors
Adrien Fields, Ralph Mönius, Ina Raterink, Bianca Ierullo, Martin Bäckert, Annika Klares, Lisa Kämling, Hannah Jäger, Hannah Kruge, Ly Le, Sophie Lilian Knote, Sandra Reichert, Bianca Othmann, Carolin Diefenbach, Daniela Mertens, Anja Degner, Clemens Hübner, Macy Ripley, Esther Louise, Benjamin Baumann, Claire Fisher

2022 Sponsors
Brigitte Aufrecht-Mader, Tamara Lieber, Lyle Ellis, Sebastian Mogos, Heike Wotsch, Laura Callsen, Nadja Schliephake, Lara Shaker and three wonderful anonymous donators

2023 Sponsors
Brian Kelly, Jonas Burmester, Thilo Asmuss, Rolf-Werner, Sebastian Mogos, Brigitte Aufrecht-Mader, Nora Großmann and 3 generous anonymous donators